sibylline sound is a log of my travels following the music that I love.

The journey began during a short visit to Berlin in December 2012, where I rediscovered my forgotten passion for electronic music. It continued back in my hometown, Bangkok – and hasn’t stopped since.

Since January 2013, the universe has fatefully conspired to allow me to explore some of the best that underground electronic music has to offer – across Bangkok, London, Ibiza, Amsterdam,  Munich, Lausanne, Geneva, Istanbul and Berlin (again!) and, really, it’s only just begun.

I hope that you will join me now and then on my travels, whether through sound or geographies. I hope, also, that this will contribute in some small way to fostering the small, but growing, underground electronic music scene in Bangkok. 🙂


sib·yl·line [sib-uh-leen, -lahyn, -lin]
1. of, resembling, or characteristic of a sibyl; prophetic; oracular
2. mysterious; cryptic

1570–80; Latin Sibyllīnus pertaining to a sibyl

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