mindtrax / marvin belton – bleed to be free e.p. (FPR006)

Presented by Felix Moreno, Stuttgart-based DJ, and former Glow Bangkok resident, Mindtrax offers a DJ’s point of view on a selected track, once every two weeks.  This week, he shares his idea of ‘pure beauty’ for the ears, with Marvin Belton’s ‘Bleed to be Free’.

I will be honest, I didn’t know this track until Sven Weisemann -whom I follow on Facebook – posted this a couple of days ago.  (I highly recommend following this guy if you’re into deep house; each and every track he posts is a gem.)

What a track this is. I’ve listened to it over and over – and it’s pure beauty in my ears.  However, this soulful deepness – beautifully manifested in the voice of Marvin Belton – is something very much lost these days. ‘Bleed to be Free’ is from 2002; I have difficulty naming more than one or two tracks from the last 5 years that are in this direction.

I’m perfectly aware that this isn’t for anybody; at a minimum, I’d call it difficult on the dance-floor.  I’m not saying it’s impossible – but the days of “Zanzibar” or “The Shelter” are long over.  No doubt, there are good deep house places out there – but tracks like this are usually played during the very early warm-up.

But surprisingly, I see this as one of the strengths of this kind of music. I can’t speak for Marvin Belton – but, for me, tracks like this one are not created with the intention of making people dance. They are made for the pure beauty of sounds, rhythms, melodies – and, of course, the singing – and how it all fits together.  For me this is closer to jazz – or even classical music – than it is to dance music.

Absolutely fabulous.



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