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This week sees acclaimed Mancunian DJ and producer, Trus’me, perform in Bangkok with the Berlin Beats crew.  We talked to him about what he’s been up to since he was last here in 2013 – and his views on the South-East Asian underground music scene

We’re all really looking forward to having you here in Bangkok again this weekend! What have you been up to since you were last here in 2013?

I have been pushing my label Prime Numbers, we have had a great year with a plethora of hits. Highlights being a Mosca (BBC) remix of my own track ‘Somebody’ and Alan Fitzpatrick’s remix of ‘I Want You’ being one of the top 10 downloaded tracks of 2013 Beatport. Slowly working on my new LP due out in the summer this year as well as the constant touring from South American, USA, Europe, Australia and Asia. It’s been a full on year.

2013 saw you delve move into a deeper, darker techno sound. How do you feel you’ve evolved since then, and how would you describe your ‘sound’ for 2015?

As a DJ my sound has always been eclectic but as a producer my sound shifts and changes with styles I am feeling at the time. The new LP again has a techno tinge with always house elements and even a sci fi theme running through out. I like to test myself as a producer and learn new skills and attempt to master new genres to keep myself moving and innovating.

We hear that you’ve been spending your winters in Singapore for the past few years, and know that this will be your second time to Bangkok. What’s your impression of the underground scene in Southeast-Asia, and what do you see for its future?

Each year I come back and find the scene has progressed on, and this keeps me coming back. As more and more expats move to South East-Asia there is a mixture of enthusiasts and experienced music heads in the scene. There is a nice circle of friends and promoters now from Vietnam to Bali and one can stay here for several months working through the shows. In a way the area is becoming a new Europe and in the years to come maybe be just as strong as it’s counterpart.

Do you have any favourite Southeast-Asian producers or DJs?

There are many bubbling on the scene and I am hearing great stuff via promoters over here. I am sure there will be a few really making their mark in the next 5 years. There are obviously some producers who all ready have such repute such as Xhin here in SIngapore.

What can we expect from your performance at Glow this Saturday?

Late night soul edged dance music. From House to techno I like to keep the sound eclectic but the vibe will always be the same, deep, dark and driven as the intention is to always make sure you are lost in the music.

Sounds great! Needless to say, all of us here at sibylline sound are looking forward. 🙂 Thanks so much once again for speaking with us – and looking forward to seeing you perform on Saturday!

Somebody – Trus’me

I Want You – Trus’me (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)

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