mindtrax / KMFH – the boat party (wild oats ‎– WO-13K)

Presented by Felix Moreno, Stuttgart-based DJ, and former Glow Bangkok resident, Mindtrax offers a DJ’s point of view on a selected track, once every two weeks.  In this week’s edition, though, Felix indulges us with an entire album: ‘The Boat Party’ by Kyle Hall, a.k.a. KMFH – as he ponders the concept of the ‘Detroit’ sound.

Detroit.  A huge word in electronic music, right?

There are two things I have learned over the years: first of all, that it takes time and dedication to really understand the Detroit sound; second, that, even then, ‘Detroit’ will always mean something different to each of us.

The latter is for me a characteristic of art in its highest form – whether we are talking painting, sculpture, film or, as in this instance, music: leaving the boundaries of definition and becoming part of something we carry inside as individuals.

Usually, I come with only one track – but, this time, here’s a playlist of an album: Kyle Hall/ KMFH‘s ‘The Boat Party’ – which, for me, is ‘Detroit’.  There’s funk in it, there’s techno in it.  There’s the past, there’s the present, and – most importantly – there’s the future.


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