mindtrax / levon vincent – impression of a rainstorm

Presented by Felix Moreno, Stuttgart-based DJ, and former Glow Bangkok resident, Mindtrax offers a DJ’s point of view on a selected track, once every two weeks.  In this week’s edition, Felix presents a track by Levon Vincent – whom, for him, represents the essence of the Berlin sound.

It took some time for the new Mindtrax to be finalized… but important events were in the making… the re-release of Berlin Beats being the main one.  So, let’s bring the two together then: Berlin Beats and Mindtrax.  And who would be better to link the two than Levon Vincent?  
Levon’s sound – and this track, in particular – is the essence of what, for me, is the ‘Berlin’ sound.  It lies somewhere between House and Techno, contains strong Dub influences, incorporates a perfectly defined percussive section – and employs a usage of effects like few others.  The result is a highly energetic sound that moves any crowd.  My biggest respect for this man.


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