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Belgium.  Had I not seen the film In Bruges some years ago, there wouldn’t have been much for me to associate to this small country sandwiched between France and the Netherlands.  However, since watching it, I’ve dug a little deeper – and actually discovered that the country’s small town of Ghent has been a heartland of dark, powerful techno for over two decades.

We can thank Kr!z for that – the Ghent-based DJ and producer.  Resident DJ at the legendary Kozzmozz parties, and founder of Token Records, Kr!z felt that the techno music around him was not getting the attention it deserved.  Now 47 releases in, his label Token is both a reflection of the longevity of the techno scene in Belgium – as well as a “platform for techno… [n]othing less, possibly much more.”

The calibre and quality of the label can be experienced from releases from artists such as Inigo Kennedy, Phase, Luke Slater, James Ruskin, Marcel Dettmann, Blawan, Surgeon, Ben Klock, Xhin, Sigha and Peter Van Hoesen.  You can also expect to hear Token tracks in the sets of the likes of Phil Kieran, Robert Hood, Jeff Mills and Len Faki.

Here are a few releases that I’ve enjoyed; hope you like them, too.

Ø [Phase] – Binary Opposition (Process 1).  A heavy industrial pulse.

Cathedral – Inigo Kennedy. Steady groove with atmosphere.

Rødhåd – Haumea. Typically complex and energetic.

Keep track of this label – it emanates nothing but quality.

– Kemo Marriott

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