berlin beats presents aardvarck / fri 26 sep

Friday 26 September 2014
Glow Night Club
THB 250 before 11pm / THB 350 after 11pm

While his musical repertoire runs the gamete from techno and house, to classical, jazz and hip hop (and even Indonesian gamelan), uncompromising quality is always a constant in the work of veteran Dutch DJ and producer, Aardvarck.  Whether it’s his early techno singles and remixes on Djax, left-field contributions on Eat Concrete, acclaimed Cult Copy LP release on Rush Hour – or even his RBMA John Coltrane tribute – we get the sense that the man behind this multi-faceted musicality is a very singular artist, intimately in touch with what moves him.  Here at sibylline sound, we’re in feverish anticipation of Aardvarck’s debut in Thailand on Friday 26 September, at Glow.  His performance also marks the long-awaited return of the celebrated Berlin Beats collective – double win.

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