mindtrax / daniel avery – all i need ( flügel remix)

Presented by Felix Moreno, Stuttgart-based DJ, and former Glow Bangkok resident, Mindtrax offers a DJ’s point of view on a selected track, once every two weeks.  This week’s edition sees Felix share his thoughts on a Daniel Avery track – and the concept of ‘Deep House’.

This track is a monster – in every thinkable way.  And, of course, this is to be expected with Avery producing, and Flügel remixing.

However, my point today is on the usage of Deep House as a genre label.  All I Need is a living example of how good a more European-oriented interpretation of Deep House can sound. The track certainly features more elements from Techno than it does House – but it has a deepness and warmth that, for me, is the essence of Deep House.

Sadly, of late, ‘Deep House’ as a genre label has become a mere marketing tool –  and many tracks sold under this umbrella  are nothing more than pitched down Tech House.. and, in my view – utterly boring and without Soul.

But, fortunately there are exceptions.  Like the present one.

– f.


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