sibylline selection #1

From time to time, we’ll be sharing with you a sibylline selection – a recommended tracklist lovingly assembled by respected curators, DJs and producers in the Bangkok underground electronic music scene.  Kicking off our series this week is Kemo Marriott, resident techno collector. In sibylline selection #1, he shares some of his favourite tracks – though less for the dance floor, and more for the mind.

These techno tracks aren’t necessarily for the dancefloor. These are tracks that are perfect for closing your eyes to and being transported to someplace different.  Hope you enjoy.

Kemo Marriott

1. Tobias – Scheme of Things – OstGut Ton
This track, from Tobias Freund’s second album, “A Series of Shocks”, is about atmospheric undertones. I love the way this track builds, never erring from its mysterious course

2.  Stanislav Tolkachev – Heartbeat – Geophone
This track shouldn’t work: a raw beat devoid of bass and overlayed with a dreamlike soundscape. But somehow, it does, truly original

3. Tuff Sherm – Marrow – Merok Records

This has a stripped down African/Brazillian vibe before venturing into the cosmos. Interesting arrangement and matrimony of sounds

4. Tim Wolff – Backstage Fridge – [dynamic reflection]

Industrial pounding rhythm. A track made for warehouse parties! And you’ll hear why at 4:35.

5. Planetary Assault Systems – Forms – Peacefrog

Taking you back to 1994 with this track from Techno Heavyweight, Luke Slater. Another one with a cosmic vibe. It features in A Sagittariun’s Resident Advisor 332- one of my all time favourite mixes.

6. Kane – Untold – Hemlock Recordings 

Absolutely love the percussion and the sinister progression of this track. You’ll hear what I mean.

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