mindtrax / peter richard – walking in the neon (pm 120021)

Presented by Felix Moreno, newly-returned Glow Bangkok DJ – and founder of Berlin Beats, Common Ground, and the upcoming Red Zone – Mindtrax offers a point of view on a selected track, once every two weeks.  This week, he explores the genre of Italo Disco, with Peter Richard’s track ‘Walking in the Neon’.

It’s been a while. Moving back to Bangkok has been keeping me busy the last couple of weeks… But, finally, I’ve found some time for a new edition of Mindtrax. This week is about a genre that isn’t much respected – and, in fact, nearly forgotten; namely, Italo Disco. I have to admit, there are tons of cheap uptempo synth tracks out there that ruined the reputation of Italo Disco – but, as usual, there are some gems.

Like this one.  Peter Richard’s ‘Walking in the Neon’ is a perfect example of uptempo, highly energetic disco sounds effortlessly combining with 80’s synth technology and a straightforward drumbeat.

If anyone ever had a doubt that Disco has had a huge impact on today’s Techno, Italo Disco is the proof.  There’s also a very strong linkage to another important genre of that time: Electro (and be careful – that is the ‘c’ version of the word, not the ‘k’). Both Electro and Italo Disco are perfectly fitting to contemporary Techno – and, more importantly, even – show that a DJ is paying respect to the origins of Techno.

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