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This month we welcome yet another member to the sibylline family – techno enthusiast, Kemo Marriott. Here, he explores pioneering techno imprint, Mistress Recordings – and tells us why he likes what he hears. (P.S. One of the artists will be performing in Bangkok in November.. keep your eyes peeled..!)

Mistress Recordings is the sub-label of prominent techno DJ/producer DVS1’s imprint, HUSH.  Reflecting the founder’s deep appreciation for the eclectic, Mistress steps beyond HUSH’s focus on purist techno – and delves into ‘sounds and vibes which touch all corners of the dance floor, and beyond.’

Borrowed Identity, Juxta Position, Daniel Jacques and Doubt have offered the imprint’s first 5 releases.  With their tracks having already been charted by the likes of Basic Soul Unit and Heartthrob, it’s clear Mistress is making its mark on the scene.

I love what I’ve heard from the label so far – and it’s clear that it lives up to its boundary-pushing philosophy.  Sultry, hypnotic vibes emanate from Daniel Jacques’ ‘End of My World’.  Borrowed Identity’s track, ‘Leave your Life’  juxtaposes a chugging techno beat with beautifully arranged atmospheric samples and interspersed vocals.  And Doubt’s ‘Beauty’ offers a rough-edged industrial techno build-up to a more laid-back house sound, before returning back down into the depths.

For those interested in fresh, emerging sounds from landscapes intertwining house and techno, Mistress Recordings is certainly a label to keep an eye on.

Kemo Marriott


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