brian eno / sublime sonics

It’s half past midnight. My eyes are closed, I’m breathing slowly in and out, and the lights in my room are dimly lid. And I can hear the sound of the wind blowing through the trees in my garden. I’m now searching for a way to unwind from the long day’s work, a soothing remedy to escape the chaos of Bangkok’s urban life. And time after time again, I put on a piece of music from this artist, Brian Eno, a British ambient music composer. He’s known as one of the founding father for the less known ambient music movement since the 70’s, has collaborated with many leading artists and inspired countless other artists and musical genres. When one thinks of ambient music, one can’t help to conjure images of new age gurus, spa-massages, and chill-out collections. And that might be all true. Yet I’d like to appreciate and admire its avant-garde compositions and beautiful soundscape, one that leaves an experience that is therapeutic for relaxing, healing, and meditation. Try listening to the album called ‘The Pearl’, a collaboration between Brian Eno and Harold Budd (an American ambient composer), or any of Eno’s classic albums, and let it be your new source of solace and peace in this unforgiving world.

Sublime Sonics

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