kölsch / levels / 18 dec


Half-Irish, half-German and born in Denmark of ‘hippie’ parents, Rune Reilly Kölsch’s music is about as eclectic as his cultural background.  While perhaps better known for his work in the commercial music scene (including the famous  Calabria – sampled in the US #1 dance hit “Destination Unknown”), Kölsch is really a house and techno-head at heart. Under his latest, self-referential moniker, he goes back to his underground roots, while exploring personal themes from childhood – with emotive tracks like ‘Goldfisch’, and the deeper and darker Basshund. These, and others, together make up ‘1977’ -Kölsch’s debut full length album, released this year on the respected Cologne-based label, Kompakt. Catch him tonight, as he shares with us his latest ‘techno from the heart’. / sibylline sound

CREDIT: Le Cool Bangkok

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