seth troxler + justin martin / glow / 9 dec


What do orange hot-pants, imaginary bats, and a banana have in common?  Well, they’re all things that might reasonably come up in conversation with the lovably eccentric DJ/producer Seth Troxler. Don’t let Troxler’s laid-back demeanour and adorable quirks fool you.  A week after graduating high school, Troxler was already playing Panorama Bar alongside techno great Omar S – and barely a decade later, he was voted the world’s #1 DJ.  He is also co-founder of the successful collective and label, Visionquest, a critically acclaimed producer – and the creative mind behind the unique and experiential 13 parties. Tonight, Troxler brings his fresh and charismatic take on house to Bangkok for what promises to be one of the biggest underground electronic music nights we’ve seen this year.  He’ll be joined by Dirty Bird’s housemaster, Justin Martin. / sibylline sound

CREDIT: Le Cool Bangkok

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